Austin, TX-based, Mike Kiddoo, brought a new voice to the pop conversation when he emerged in June 2019. After almost a decade as an Austin shock rocker, Kiddoo was ready to refine his over-the-top act, taking influence from modern chameleons like Beck and David Bowie. His new style can be smooth and free-spirited and then leap up in your face. The production can be minimal and haunting and then explode into grandiosity. His lyrics are playful yet honest - at times, confessional. His sound is purely his own.


Kiddoo began recording his first song with producer Justin Mauriello (former Zebrahead frontman) in June 2018. The two had become friends over the three years Mauriello regularly bought coffee from Kiddoo at a small cafe in East Austin. Kiddoo released "Rabbit Hole" in June 2019, marking the start of his musical shift. The song married his love of 90's pop-rock and 70's soul with Mauriello's electro-pop production, and the result was infectious.


"Rabbit Hole" was written, recorded, and mixed - almost exclusively - in bedrooms and coffee shops across Austin. Once they found the magic of this approach, the two kept their DIY methods going for the next songs. Kiddoo's two follow-up singles, "Voodoo" and "Don't Feed the Monsters" showcased a darker side. With an EP almost finished and a full-length follow-up already in production, there's no telling where on the musical map he'll turn next. And he's just getting started.










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