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Austin, TX-based, Mike Kiddoo, brought a new voice to the pop conversation when he emerged in June 2019. After almost a decade as an Austin shock rocker, Kiddoo was ready to refine his over-the-top act, taking influence from modern chameleons like Beck and David Bowie.


Kiddoo began recording his first song with producer Justin Mauriello (former Zebrahead frontman) in June 2018. The two had become friends at a cafe in East Austin that Kiddoo worked at. He released "Rabbit Hole" in June 2019, marking the start of his musical shift. The song married his love of 90's alt-rock and 70's soul with Mauriello's electro-pop production.


"Rabbit Hole" was written, recorded, and mixed - almost exclusively - in bedrooms and coffee shops across Austin. Once he found the magic of this approach, Kiddoo kept his DIY methods going, releasing over a dozen singles since then. In November 2021, he released his single "Movin On." The song infuses a new country twang into his pop sound, reflecting his time living and recording on a horse farm in rural Bastrop, Texas during the pandemic.

Kiddoo is gearing up to release his debut full length record, "Self Driving Lyfe." The album was recorded and mixed in crowded apartments, cafes, and closets across central Texas. The album took three years to make and went through many trials, not limited to the pandemic. It drops on all streaming and downloading platforms on September 15. A dance-y single entitled, "Give It To Me" will come out September 1.


Between forming his side project KNETX, writing collaborations with Culture Wars, Lena Luca, and I Hate Kate, and his debut solo record, Kiddoo is full speed ahead in 2022.






"Self Driving Lyfe" the debut album from Mike Kiddoo drops 9/15/22







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